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Welcome to we are thankful as you have visit our web site, Money Chakraa fundamental and technical based Research team, the company provided multitude services intraday calls, delivery calls,Nifty futures , Bank nifty ,Stock Futures, Nifty options ,stock options, positional calls, sure shot calls jackpot calls, HNI calls & commodity calls,

As a fundamental Analyst they study the various factors that affect the stock prices. First we study the economic factors like interest rate, inflation, nation income, political factors etc.

As a technical analyst we study the price movements of the particular company's stocks in the market accurately predict the price that might occur in future. We use financial tools with software support.

More and more people be in form of investors or traders enter stock market to make quick money via either intraday trading or through Positional trading but due to lack of Experience, knowledge, strategy ,discipline or fear ; most of the time they incur losses. Only few smart traders/investors earn money in both Rising as well as Falling Market

Our aim is to provide people with opportunities to make fast money with low risk in a short period of time. Long term future prediction of the market is too tough because, stock market is affected by many factors like foreign Markets, Bank policies, companies results, FII'S trend, domestic mutual funds trend & political behavior, which keep changing.

  • * We are in the stock market, recommendations service started from march 2002
  • * We provide 95 % Success ratio in the stock market by string fundamental & technical advice and marketing investors earn.
  • * We provide strong recommendations. Our team has able power to predict all sectors and all heads.
  • * We have own research wing in all sectors
  • * Our team closely related with market
  • * We provide returns 10 times more than our fees
  • * We provide our services through by sms
  • * Our customers very happy and satisfaction to its logical reason ( sentiment and lucky ) for all clients.
  • * This site is purely created to provide technical & financial information to the people to earn from stock market.
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